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Removal from Google Play Store

Google has removed iSMS2droid from the Play Store on March 19th, 2019.

This action came after their decision to restrict the SMS and Call Log permissions for 3rd-party apps like iSMS2droid, unless they received an exemption from these restrictions – which was initially granted to iSMSdroid, but later revoked for no apparent reason.

Further attempts to regain the exemption status (by submitting new approval requests and updated app versions with explanations, usage instructions and sample databases) were unsuccessful, as Google maintains the position that iSMS2droid does not require the “Default SMS Handler” permission, even though it is the only way to be able to write to the Messaging database during the import process – which constitutes the core functionality of iSMS2droid.

Until further notice, iSMS2droid should be considered dead.

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