Import Messages

Import all your SMS texts and plain-text iMessages into your Android device, with full support for any language.

Support for Contacts

Don’t need all messages by every person that ever contacted you? Just select the contacts whose messages you want, and all others will be ignored.

Remove Messages

Want to start over, but keep all messages that you already had on your phone? The “Remove Messages” feature will only remove those messages that were imported by iSMS2droid.

Database Auto-Detection

No need to explore the complex filesystem structure of Android, just put the database onto your phone and let iSMS2droid discover it automatically.

Import Call Log

Some people still use their phone for making calls, so import your call log to check if you are one of these persons!

Direct Support

Can’t find your databases? The app doesn’t do what it should? Get in touch and you’ll get support directly from the developer, not some 3rd-party help desk.


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