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Welcome to the new website!

There have been a lot of steps between starting with just an unstyled web form back in 2011 to arriving at the (reasonably) modern site built on WordPress you see today, just like there were many steps in the transition from that old web form and relying on a third-party app (hat tip to SMS Backup & Restore) to the all-in-one solution that is iSMS2droid today.

While the work on a website is never really “done”, this applies especially to this site. Now that the app contains all the functionality required to import text messages from iPhones to Android’s Messaging app, this website has become more of a gateway to the Play Store, and a home for the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions, and less of a product in itself.

I will probably never be happy with the design, there will always be some rough edges and ugly usability mistakes, but i’ll gladly accept those in exchange for the comfortability that WordPress offers me in regards to updating the site and its content.

So there you have, iSMS2droid.com Version … uhm, i guess 5 – at least! 😉

PS: As you may have noticed, this version does not offer the form-based online converter anymore. I have taken this step not only for technical reasons, but also because i believe that the app is now stable enough and compatible with all major phone brands and models, making the fallback via the online converter and the third-party app unnecessary. If you think otherwise, you can still go to the previous version of the site.

One thought on “Welcome to the new website!

  • April 28, 2019 at 11:04 am

    Thank you so much for keeping the previous version of your website up. I’ve recently tried to download your app and obviously wasn’t able to but followed the link above and used the online converter to be able to back up all my messages from my iPhone to my new android phone.


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