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I will try to provide support for this app as much as i can, but there are a couple of things you should know:

If you first give the app a bad rating on Google Play because something didn’t work, and then ask me for help, i will ignore you.

If you contact me with a question that was already answered in the FAQ or instructions, i will ignore you.

If you contact me through any other means than the support address provided below, i will ignore you.

If you come across as if i’d owe you anything or as if you’re entitled to anything, i will ignore you. This is a free app, after all.

If you have a very exotic problem, i may ask you to provide me with your message database file. Everybody is a snowflake, and some problems can’t be reproduced without having the data that causes them.

If you are sure that your issues is really something that wasn’t explained in the FAQ or solved by following the instructions, send an email to support@isms2droid.com.

Please include the app version (shown on the main screen), the device name and the Android version you are using, otherwise it will be more difficult to provide any support.